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Monday, 28 September 2009 17:31
Yesterday (27/09/2009), I went to Digi center to register for new line. Once the staff check my IC num in his system, he say I cannot open a new line as i was "blacklisted" by Maxis.

I was shocked with the news as I pay all my bill in time every month. So I when to Maxis centre and clear all the outstanding amount. Hence i was not satisfied with the status, i call maxis helpline to get the reason i was "blacklist".

The person who respond to my call is - HAZRUL -. Then the guy say he will check my acc and let me know the problem. And there comes a big surprise. He say i was blacklisted for the reason i haven't settle my Maxis Broadband bill which i terminate the service last year 19/08/2008 because of the poor signal in my place which i pay RM138 each month.

As i know i have settle all the outstanding balance for the broadband before i terminate my contract and they charge me RM200 for the termination of contract. So i pay all in total. And now they give me reason that i have outstanding balance of RM97.95 and the best part is they din't even sent me a bill or notification regarding my outstanding. So when i ask the guy, he say this is Maxis fault for not sending me a notification for almost more then 1 year. And he say he will discuss this matter with his Manager and call me back.

After 15 minutes, the guy call me from a private num and apologise to me on behalf of Maxis for not sending notification to me for such a long period. And he say its a Maxis fault. And when i say im going to complain this issue to NCCC, immediatly he say, he will waive RM47.95 from the total balance as a discount and ask me to pay Only RM50.

What is this? Am i dealing in a market? They blacklist my name with no reason given and now they wana give me discount. And the guy give me this acc num to settle the amount - 1026673713 -.

Please advise me and help me to settle the above issue.

NCCC's Advice: To check with the telecommunication company always for the bill because it will be the best evidence which we can show to the party involved if there is any disputes on the payments. I have accelerate to maxis for a settlement.

Abdullah Bin Mohamad Abu Bakar
Legal Executive / Complaints Manager
Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional(NCCC)
TEL: 03- 78779000
FAX: 03- 78748097
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