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Dengan hormatnya saya diarah merujuk kepada perkara diatas.

2. Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Kementerian ini telah menerima aduan tuan bertarikh 22 Mei 2010 yang dipanjangkan oleh Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional (NCCC) dan diterima pada 22 Jun 2010 berkenaan perkara diatas.

Muat turun di sini untuk baca lagi.



Thank you for the Dutch Lady goods worth RM100.00 hamper which I collected this evening at abut 5.30 pm. However i did tell Puan S that the packers of hampers sometimes included date expired items and some items where the expiry dates are close to the date the hampers are sent to recipients. This has been my experience during my days from 1993 onwards when I was working in Government for over thirty years and later in companies where the officers used to receive hampers from their suppliers/contractors and citizens who also receive hampers from relatives/friends on functions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. 

Pengguna tidak berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan bas RapidKL PDF Print E-mail


Saya sedar pihak kerajaan berusaha untuk menambahbaikkan pengangkutan awam di negara ini. Namun perkhidmatan bas masih lagi tidak kena. Kami masih berhadapan dengan masalah kelewatan bas dan kekerapan bas yang masih kurang.

Saya adalah pengguna bas RapidKL bernombor T624 dan T607.Menggunakan perkhidmatan bas RapidKL berulang alik dari stesen LRT Kelana Jaya ke bangunan CGC/Maybank Berhad/pusat latihan MAS.

Complaints - POSLAJU's efficiency, standard of service and reliability PDF Print E-mail

I have sent out a parcel with tracking no. ED873870849MY on 2010-06-25 via POSLAJU which it should be received on 2010-06-26 or latest 2010-06-28. However, recipient didn't receive it even on 2010-06-28.

I have tried to track the tracking no. via the POSLAJU track and trace website, it shows Item is in Transit to Delivery Office since 2010-06-26. This is totally ridiculous and unacceptable for a parcel to pend for whole 2 days just to "In Transit to Delivery Office". I have sent an email yesterday 2010-06-28 to POS MALAYSIA Customer Service on this but no replies received after that till now.

Complaints - Scam Kad Kredit PDF Print E-mail

Pada 18/6/2010 (Jumaat) jam 2.30 petang, saya telah menerima panggilan dari seorang bernama Puan Y dan mendakwa menelefon untuk mendapatkan pengesahan berkaitan kad kredit yang saya gunakan.

Kemudian, beliau mula bercerita tentang kad servis/lampiran kad kredit yang ditawarkan oleh syarikat beliau. Menurutnya, kad tersebut adalah penghargaan sebagai pemegang kredit kad (mana-mana bank) dan mula meminta maklumat-maklumat peribadi untuk menikmati kemudahan kad servis tersebut seperti kemudahan tow truck, PA insurans, pakej percutian dan lain-lain.

Antara maklumat yang diminta ialah no kad kredit, no plat kenderaan dan nama isteri (utk waris insurans).

Complaints - Blooming Misleading advestisement ??? PDF Print E-mail

I’m sending this complaint on behalf of my sister against Blooming. I have attached the photos. Please see for yourself especially the pink colour flowers. It is really in bad shape and they actually had used that for an RM180.00 order.

I plan to take it out and throw it. I think they should have used better flowers, better colour combinations and more flowers. It looks empty. And I think a better vase could have been used. My sister did send me the photo that she saw online. That arrangement looks good. If similar things can not be done at least something near to that could have been delivered.


Complaints - I am still waiting...??? PDF Print E-mail

I subscribed to Astro B.yond last 15th May 2010. The officer in charge informed me that I will receive the service within 7 to 14 working days but till today, 9th June 2010 (or 16 working days) I am still waiting.

I called Astro on June 1st to enquire about the delay and was told by Miss U that there was technical problem with my subscription which they just discovered hence the delay. She further added that they are working on the problem and I will receive my service within 2 or 3 days. Come June 4th, there was no sign of the decoder and service being delivered as promised. I called in which they replied an officer will call me back within a few hours. No calls came but i received a miss call from them at 8.30 pm in which I was having my dinner.

Complaints - The goods sold are not returnable, refundable or exchangeable??? PDF Print E-mail

I have purchased some clothes from the shop. As I was rushing to catch a plane, I told the shop attendant that I don't have the time to try all the clothes. However, the shop attendant told me that the clothes can be changed.

After my trip, I tried the clothes but some of them could not fit. I went to the shop again for an exchange for other sizes but they don't have the size for the items specified. The shop attendant now told me that it is the company's policy that goods sold are not returnable, refundable or exchangeable.

Complaint Against Airasia... PDF Print E-mail

At about 8.30am on Tuesday, 11 May 2010, I telephoned AirAsia's customer service number to inquire whether there was a 20% discount for bank credit card holders on Air Asia's flights to London.  The lady, confirmed that there was such a promotion and I replied that if there was, I would book a flight.  She explained that when I clicked on  'Pay'  when I booked online, I would be able to see the discount given.

I proceeded to book online but when I clicked 'Pay' at the end of the booking, no such discount was given.  I checked with bank and found that the full amount was charged to my credit card account.  I tried to call AirAsia customer service again twice but did not succeed in speaking to a customer service officer.

Complaints - Put on hold but I am not getting any service at all ??? PDF Print E-mail

Air Asia has advertised a premium call support no at 600-85-9999. It charges RM 1.95 per minute but EVERY TIME I called, I am put on hold. Sometimes I wait up to 10 minutes but there is no customer agent to answer the call. I am charged while I'm put on hold but I am not getting any service at all! Is this some kind of cheating case where you are continuously put on hold while being rob every minute?

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