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Adakah aduan yang dipaparkan di laman ini memberi faedah kepada anda?
Complaints - Hospitality ??? PDF Print E-mail

In less than 30 minutes that we were gone from our 3 bedroom apt, all our cash and some valuables were gone! Hotel and insurance refused to take responsibility, since there are no trace left behind.

How can our money magically disappear? No security camera outside of room or hallway neither. The hotel management pretty much just told us too bad and they are not going to do anything about it. We reported to management and police as well.

Complaints - FAIR OR NOT FAIR? PDF Print E-mail

I went to Matta fair on 14th Mar 2010 and bought a package (Airflights and Hotels) to Krabi Thailand, the whole package cost RM999 per person for 4 nights stay. The total people in the package is 4.

The next day, on 15th Mar 2010, I searched the internet for the same flights and same hotel room, to my surprise the total cost is less than RM600. The flight is Airasia and the hotel is Pra Nang Inn.

Complaints - Encountered other problems with Hotlink PDF Print E-mail
I am using Hotlink. My number is xxxxxxxx. I request for RM5 for compensation. Because on 10-12-2009, I had to call your helpline many times. On that day, I had to call to claim back RM0.11 which is supposed to be free under the Free SMS program.

Although I get to claim back the RM0.11, I have wasted time and money. I also encountered other problems with Hotlink. These cause me to call Hotlink. I have to call Hotlink with phone charges when other companies like Digi, Celcom, UMobile and TM is free.
Complaints - SCAM A NEVER END STORY.... PDF Print E-mail

I received a phone call(02031500189) on my hand phone. There's this lady calling from a company saying that this company is a group that deals with holiday resorts, hotels, and other leisure activities, named yihaogroups.

Complaint on Maxis regarding the replacement of iPhone 3G PDF Print E-mail

In Mar 2009, I bought an iPhone 3G from Maxis. About 6 months later the phone was found to be faulty with the microphone not working properly. It was then returned to Maxis for replacement. I received the replacement phone about 1 month later.

The replacement was again faulty as it was not able to detect wi-fi. On 24th Dec 2009, the phone was passed on to the Maxis Centre at the Gardens Mid Valley for a further exchange. After numerous emails & phone calls, I was finally able to collect the phone on 30th Jan 2010. However, upon my visit to collect the iPhone, the phone was again found to be faulty as the screen was flickering.

Complaints - Ejen Celcom PDF Print E-mail

Pada 26/02/2010, jam lebih kurang 5 petang, semasa di jambatan hadapan bangunan Times Square KL, saya telah bersetuju untuk menerima sim kad percuma baru daripada agen promosi Celcom yang sedang membuat promosi dan mengajak saya.

Setelah bertanyakan butir-butir pelan yang dikatakan pelan percuma untuk pelajar itu, saya telah bersetuju untuk mengisikan borang tetapi hanya dengan nama dan alamat e-mel tanpa tandatangan atau nombor telefon saya.

Complaints Of The Week - Pathetic service from ASTRO B'YOND PDF Print E-mail

I would like to bring to the attention of whoever is reading this email. ASTRO service need to buck up. You guys are offering such a pathetic service which makes me wonder why such a reputable company has such bad service. No wonder customers are running away. Let me cut the chase and go to the point.

On the 23rd January, my new B’YOND decoder couldn’t be switched on and since I was very busy I didn’t bother too much. On the 24th January morning the decoder was still not able to power up. I called your CUSTOMER SERVICE in the morning and reported the problem. I got the call back from the so called TECHNICAL SUPPORT later in the evening around 7 pm. That is almost 11 hours after I made the report. I was informed that the decoder might have some hardware problem and was informed that the technician will be calling me to replace the unit.

Complaints - COMPLAINTS AGAINST TM PDF Print E-mail

Akaun internet saya di daftarkan di atas nama isteri saya.Saya membayar perkhidmatan internet bulanan dan membayar RM60 untuk penggunaan internet 24jam sebulan tetapi saya tidak mendapat sambungan internet pada 30/03/10 selama 1jam lebih dan 31/03/10 selama 7 jam. Saya mahu TM tidak mengecaj saya RM60 berikutan kegagalan TM memberi khidmat seperti yang di tawarkan dan janjikan.

Complaints - P1 Wimax Tons of excuses PDF Print E-mail

I signed up P1 Wimax on 17/12/2009, b4 i signed up P1wimax sale personnel told me that my house area full of P1 coverage, I have 7 days trial, we can get our RM100 deposit back if we cancel within 7 days. on 18/12/2009 i returned the broadband to him due to NO COVERAGE in my area.

the guy get me sign on the cancellation form and without giving me a copy, I requested a copy from him as a proof to terminate the service. I have a feeling that this kind of broadband centre sure have tons of excuses and i will end up not getting my deposit. so i kept this termination letter and waited for 2 months i did not get my deposit back. i called the centre many times, they kept telling me excuses like they need 8 days working day.

Complaints - MAXIS SME PLAN PDF Print E-mail

Few months ago, when we signed up for the SME plan for our 5 Maxis lines (All lines contracted for 24 months), we were provided with one Nokia E75 (we heard there should be One phone per line instead).

At the same time, the Maxis agent persuaded us into taking 4 additional Sim Cards whereby we accepted under the conditions which the Maxis agent stated clearly and repeatedly:

  1. We'll only need to pay when the Sim Card is activated
  2. There will be NO charges at all if not used. However, we noticed after few months of auto billing that for all 4 unused and inactivated Sim Cards which we were given, we were being charged RM80 Monthly Commitment per Sim Card (totaling RM320 per month for non-usage). Worst still, the rebate for the only Nokia E75 received have also gone into paying the Monthly commitment of the 4 unused Sim Cards during the first month. For 6 months, we have totaled RM1920 in loss for what we have been told as ‘no charges if not used’ Sim Cards. According to the Maxis business customer service, we should either receive:
  3. 1 phone device per line (which we have never received other than one Nokia E75)
  4. Talk time rebates (which we have never received. Also, due to the overpaying of RM320 every month).
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