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Adakah aduan yang dipaparkan di laman ini memberi faedah kepada anda?

I signed up a Maxis I-phone 24months contract since end December 2009 and with the contract, i am suppose to pay RM150 for voice call minimum commitment plan and RM99 for 3G i-data with unlimited access. But after using it for a month, i realized that the Maxis 3G service is really unstable and slow. I can’t get 3G speed in my office, 3km away from town in my house and even in many areas around KL.

Complaints - Aduan daripada belia ... PDF Print E-mail

Saya mendapat sim card free, semasa saya di KL..dia orang suruh saya sain saje borang borang, lepas tu dapat sim card 2.. lepas tu saya tak pernah guna pun sim card 2... tapi bil bulan 2 sampai kat rumah saya...sekarang niiii.. Siap dapat notis lagi.. Tolong arr..

Complaints - Manufacturing defects and Poor Quality New Car is a never ending story and trauma to consumers !!! PDF Print E-mail

I’m Surxxx, would kindly like to make a complaint against Proton for delivering me a Proton Exora H-Line with some defects. I bought this car with high ambition which is supposedly be my dream car which is now make my heart totally broken because there is a lot of defect I found. RM 75998 might be a small amount for them, but it’s a big amount for me. The details are as below; 29th Jan 2010: Get the car from Senx xxx xxx. 30th Jan 2010: Around 6.30pm when me start up engine I encounter some difficulties to start the engine. When I open the front bonet & check found there is loose connection on the negative battery terminal.


This is with regards to naza bestari 206 which i did a booking in the month of Sept 2009. The price at that point of time when i signed the agreement was only rm 46040 with a booking fee of rm 50 which i paid in advance. My loan with maybank was also approved within 2 weeks of application. My dealer by the name of A gave his word that he would deliver the car the soonest possible.

He kept saying that the car would be delivered either in 2 weeks or end of the month each time I called. This prolonged til the end of the year when he said that now the price has increased to rm52K. I did tell him that he should deliver the car for the price which we signed the agreement for but he said that he couldn t help much. To add up to it the colour which i requested wasn t there. But yet i did not cancel my booking or refund the booking fee as I was away for a month.

Complaints - DIGI BROADBAND??? PDF Print E-mail

Saya menggunakan broadband digi dan amat tidak berpuas hati dengan khidmat yang diberi kerana line yang sering sangat terputus.

Ini menyebabkan kesukaran untuk mendownload data seperti update virus services.belum sempat habis download line putus. saya connect balik dan mencuba lagi namun masalah sama line putus. masalah ini bukan sahaja di rumah saya malah di mana-mana lokasi pun sama sahaja.

Complaints - Hospitality ??? PDF Print E-mail

In less than 30 minutes that we were gone from our 3 bedroom apt, all our cash and some valuables were gone! Hotel and insurance refused to take responsibility, since there are no trace left behind.

How can our money magically disappear? No security camera outside of room or hallway neither. The hotel management pretty much just told us too bad and they are not going to do anything about it. We reported to management and police as well.

Complaints - FAIR OR NOT FAIR? PDF Print E-mail

I went to Matta fair on 14th Mar 2010 and bought a package (Airflights and Hotels) to Krabi Thailand, the whole package cost RM999 per person for 4 nights stay. The total people in the package is 4.

The next day, on 15th Mar 2010, I searched the internet for the same flights and same hotel room, to my surprise the total cost is less than RM600. The flight is Airasia and the hotel is Pra Nang Inn.

Complaints - Encountered other problems with Hotlink PDF Print E-mail
I am using Hotlink. My number is xxxxxxxx. I request for RM5 for compensation. Because on 10-12-2009, I had to call your helpline many times. On that day, I had to call to claim back RM0.11 which is supposed to be free under the Free SMS program.

Although I get to claim back the RM0.11, I have wasted time and money. I also encountered other problems with Hotlink. These cause me to call Hotlink. I have to call Hotlink with phone charges when other companies like Digi, Celcom, UMobile and TM is free.
Complaints - SCAM A NEVER END STORY.... PDF Print E-mail

I received a phone call(02031500189) on my hand phone. There's this lady calling from a company saying that this company is a group that deals with holiday resorts, hotels, and other leisure activities, named yihaogroups.

Complaint on Maxis regarding the replacement of iPhone 3G PDF Print E-mail

In Mar 2009, I bought an iPhone 3G from Maxis. About 6 months later the phone was found to be faulty with the microphone not working properly. It was then returned to Maxis for replacement. I received the replacement phone about 1 month later.

The replacement was again faulty as it was not able to detect wi-fi. On 24th Dec 2009, the phone was passed on to the Maxis Centre at the Gardens Mid Valley for a further exchange. After numerous emails & phone calls, I was finally able to collect the phone on 30th Jan 2010. However, upon my visit to collect the iPhone, the phone was again found to be faulty as the screen was flickering.

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