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Friday, 11 September 2009 10:37

26 February 2008 

I'm a frustrated maxis prepared-plan user. I'm currently studying in Singapore and because of this I need my parent to buy me hotlink top up ticket to maintain my phone number to be in use. 2 months ago my parent bought another ticket of RM 60, but I couldn't use the pin number of the card to for top up purpose and after several times of trial, I was blocked from anymore top up attempt.   

My parents reported the situation to Maxis customer service centre in Ipoh and submitted the card as well. Several days later we still didn't receive any reply from the centre as what they had promised. I went to the centre and was told that i can instead call to customer service centre of Maxis in KL regarding my case as they are handling it.

I was told that the case will be reviewed and after then they will notify me about it. 2 weeks had passed and still I didn't receive any calls or messages from them. Again I made another call to them and then only they informed that the pin number was already used during year 2006, long before i bought the top up ticket. They suggested me to go to service centre in Ipoh to claim a statement which explains the situation and then to have a refund from the dealer whom i bought the ticket from.  

After so many rounds of calls and travels, I didn't expect the dealer to refuse to bring the ticket back to his supplier and process my refund, according to him, it's  Maxis's problem, not his.

Frustrated by his attitude, I called KL service centre again, and what they told me is that the only way to solve this is to go back to the dealer again for the refund as they cannot provide any help in this. They even said that I can make a police report if the dealer refuse to help me again.

I payed RM 60 to purchase the ticket and to top up my phone credit and I believe there is nothing wrong in the process. I totally have no clue that the pin number of the card was already used previously before i bought the card and there is still questions for Maxis as to why is a used up pin number printed on a new top up ticket. I am the victim of this incident and yet Maxis made me to have to make numerous calls from Ipoh to KL as well as several trips to service centre. Their way of handling has made me feel as if i should take my own risk whenever i purchase top up ticket from Maxis dealer and after all that had happened, it's only that I'm unlucky and there's nothing to do with them.

I'm frustrated and angry with their attitude in handling my problem. After so much troubles, after so much money i spent on phone and travel, still i couldn't get refunded for the top up ticket.I hope that this incident will attract your attention. The way Maxis handled this has gone too unreasonable and I do not wish that the same incident happens on another person. Thank you.

Wei Feng

NCCC forwarded complaint to MCMC:

Dear  MCMC ,

This is again Maxis customer service problem. Instead of providing assistance to the consumer Maxis is giving him a run around. Maxis must understand that it is their product which has been purchased by the consumer. It is not fair for them now to push the complainant to their dealer.

Thank you

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Currently there is nothing much that I can do regarding my case. As what was mentioned during my previous email, I spent money calling and travelling to both dealer and Maxis customer service's side but yielded no positive results. Still the dealer insisted that he won't help me in referring to the supplier. As for Maxis side, they said I have the right to make police report if the dealer refuses to help me. But I don't think making police report in this regard would make any difference.

So my current status is that I still have no way to have my RM60 refunded, and all my calls and travels made no positive results. I hope that there is a proper way of handling my case from Maxis. Thank you very much for your help.

Leong Wei Feng