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Saturday, 25 September 2010 02:45

I have tried to call AirAsia Premium Customer Service Line, it was a very very bad service. How could they charging call even though we did not manage to talk to any of the rep? Im ok if after the call got connected to the customer service agent and then they can start charging. This is ridiculous service fee of AirAsia. I called and the operator keep on asking me to hold the line. AirAsia should not charging this?


We thank you for e-mailing with detailed feedbacks and we are truly sorry for what has transpired at the call centre through the premium line. Please be informed there are normal lines that you are able to call the call centre and also e-mail us your inquiry on the online feedback form. We take your comments seriously and it has been forwarded to the management who has rectified to implement for changes.

We trust we have your understanding in this matter. Although we understand that we cannot change your past experience on our calls, we are hopeful that you will accept our assurances that you will have a better experience on AirAsia call centre in future. Please be informed that you will receive the OTG voucher soon (RM200.00). The status will be updated by the team directly.

Kind regards

Customer Care
AirAsia Berhad

Consumers unsatisfication about AirAsia

The 600859999 number used by AirAsia is a scam to collect money from customer. It is ridiculous that a paying customer like me that have already made a booking and would just like to call to inquire how to do a name change and charges have to call a number that charge RM1.95 PER MINUTE! It takes me more than 20 tries to get through of which i'm already charged for each time PER MINUTE! and when i finally got through the line was put on hold and IGNORED for 20 MINUTES until i had to put down the phone and call again!!!! THIS 600 numbers is a scam! It should not be allowed to charge customers to call for inquiries!!

On the start of Airasia's RM1 promotion on 10/8/2010, I managed to secure a booking (after numerous attempts) for 2 airtickets to Hong Kong travelling on 16/8/2011 (my booking reference: Rxxx) at around 12.30am. Total price for the 2 tickets cost RM1,010. After keying in my credit card details, I clicked on proceed and suddenly the screen showed that payment is being processed. I was puzzled as I was not prompted to key in my mastercard verification code. After waiting for 5 minutes, the screen showed "Server Unavailable" and I've decided to try again later in the morning.

At about 8am the same day, I made another booking for 2 tickets to Hong Kong. However, as I couldn't get the same promo price on the same date, I've decided to settle for 15/8/2011 (booking reference:Bxxx) and paid the same amount RM1,010 but this time using my Visa card. About half an hour later, I checked my email and found that the first booking (Rxxx) has actually gone thru and now I ended with double bookings (my credit card statement didn't show this transaction until 3 days later).

Immediately on the same day, I called up Airasia at 600859999 and spoke to a Ms J. I was told by Ms J that the standard procedure would be to transfer my RM1,010 into a "90 days credit shell" whereby I am compelled to use up the credit within 90 days for bookings of airtickets only. To rub salt into wound, I was also being told that I will be charged a RM90 cancellation fee for cancelling the first booking. I told her that this is unacceptable to me as it was their system's fault that I end up with double bookings. The whole phone conversation lasted 17 minutes and RM33.15 for the phone charges (the premium line 600859999 is charged at RM1.95 per minute).

I have been a regular traveller with Airasia and I have no complaints until now. I am utterly dissapointed and disheartened with the way they handle my case. I would like Airasia to cancel both my bookings and refund me RM2,020 plus my phone charges of RM33.15.

Looking forward to your prompt reply.
Thank you.

I traveled using AirAsia on the 29 July 2010 from Penang to LCCT, the flight was delayed for more than 5 hours. Hence each passenger is given an e-voucher worth RM200 for future booking. It takes almost a month for them to issue the e-voucher to me (i received on the 25 Aug 2010) and i have to sent in 3 emails (on the 4th, 6th, 23th august 2010)before any reply.

Now that I have received the e-voucher in my email with a pin to claim it, it does not work. After click on the "click here" message, it does not link to anywhere. It remained in the same website. So i picked up my phone and call them on the 28-8-2010 at 1.53pm. One number is 03-21719333 (self help menu) and the other is 600859999. The previous one, basically, u just talk to the answering machine. The latter one, it charged at a rate of RM1.95 per minute.

I have no choice but to call the latter one as the previous answering machine is obviously not going to solve my problem. I spend 16 minutes talking to the officer, named Mr F with no definite solution offered. So RM32 spent for nothing. The solution given is that to resend another request via the online feedback website again. I see the cycle comes again. Send in request, wait for reply. The detail of the conservation is as below.

I asked for my solution and he asked me to wait for a while as he need to consult his supervisor. The solution is send in request via online feedback as it is not under his authorization. The e-voucher is in charged by another team which does not work during weekend. He says Monday they would probably read through my request, tuesday is a public holiday, so he thinks my request would probably be entertained max by 7 days.

When i got upset and request the name of the supervisor intending to talk to him/her, he only told me Ms E. And again the solution that he has given, to send in request via online-feedback website. It is a paid phone call, it is unfair for us to wait and wait with no solution. Finally, i have to end the call because if i drag on and on, i will not get any reasonable solution, nor talk to the higher authority who probably could provide a better answer. So i have to sent in another online feeback again and wait for them to reply me.

Because of this suboptimal service which is offered, a lot of time is wasted and unsatisfaction arised from me. The paid phone call is definelty not worth it and i could say it overcharged. How could u charged RM1.95 per minute when your officer could not provide a reasonable solution? How could u charged RM1.95 per minute when the reply of the online feedback take such a long time? (Previously the consumer can just call the number 0321719333 for enquiry, now we have to pay extra for the same service or even suboptimal service)

Lastly, when u want to make complaint about this new "premier customer service line" using the email add provided, ie This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it The pop up menu tells u: could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed.

Deivigarani Krishna
Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional (NCCC)

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