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Saturday, 23 January 2010 00:55
Wish to make a complaint regarding my flight from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. (MH 722) The flight was delayed from 1830 to 2130. MAS should have informed us earlier on this delay so that I don’t have to rush to the airport. At 2130, I was in the waiting area and the plane arrived at 2200.

I thought it was the end to my wait, unfortunately after we board the flight, the pilot informed us that the flight is canceled due to some engine problem. My main question here is DID MAS SERVICE THEIR PLANE REGULARLY? WHAT IF THE PLANE HAVE TAKE OFF, IT WILL BE A DISASTER TO ALL OF US.

All the passengers were forced to move back to the terminal and need to wait for an hour just for the MAS staff to sort out the passengers’ names & flights. To make matter worst, only 1 staff was on duty to handle a full flight of passengers. IS MAS TRYING TO CUT COST BY HIRING ONLY 1 STAFF?

Next, I was transferred to a hotel and the hotel staff said that room dining will be covered by MAS. However, when I check out, the hotel staff collected money from me?

So my question is, shouldn’t it be covered by MAS? No communications between 2 parties? At 1110, my flight take off from Jakarta to KLIA. Once again problem occur, I found out that my baggage did not reached KLIA. On the same day, my company supposed to have a seminar and it was forced to cancel because of the absent of my equipments where I’ve checked in earlier on.

The next day I email to MAS customer service and waited for 2 day without reply. I try to call them and wait for 10 minutes to talk to their customer service staff and found out that they did not receive my email. Is MAS trying to wash their hand off this issue?

Status: We brought this matter ahead to the attention of MAS Officials and Ministry for their immediate action.

NCCC Advise: We understand the difficulties that complainant went through and we highlighted the question raised by the complainant to the officials, we hope MAS will give a positive response to this matter.

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