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Friday, 24 June 2011 03:58

“We are very disappointed in Proton’s attitude towards its customer’s safety. We have bought the Proton Persona 1.6 AT model on 28 March 2010. However, on 9th Jan 2011, our car experienced some noise due to the Brake Wheel Cylinder on the left side. Then, in less than one month period, the noise re-appeared again. When we sent back to the workshop, it seems that the noise is due to the problems coming from both sides of the Brake Wheel Cylinder.

In addition, on 3rd April 2011, our car’s radiator suddenly busted without any reason, and also without our knowledge only until the car temperature shot up to the maximum. The worst case was that the car came to a halt whenever we brake at the roundabouts. Can you imagine how dangerous was that, so much so that we have children in the car. If the cars behind us were unable to stop in time, we would sure be knocked over. And only then, we realize that the radiator is totally dry and there was even a burning smell from the engine. When we checked with our Proton dealer, we were told that we were not the first one who experienced this incident.
In addition, a service notice on RADIATOR FAN RUBBING WITH RADIATOR ASSEMBLY AND LEAKS is issued to the Proton Dealers / Workshop on 21/03/2011. Clearly, Proton is aware of this issue and yet did not inform the Persona drivers directly whose lives are at risk. In such cases which involved the safety of the drivers, car manufacturers should take the responsibilities to call back these cars to identify and repair the problems.

In addition, when their cars being called back, a relieve car or transportation compensation will be offered to the respective customers. In our case, we have to arrange a toll truck ourselves in order to send the car to the workshop, and need to arrange our own transportation ourselves in order to carry out our daily tasks. Not only our daily routines are being disturbed, our precious time are being wasted either. It seems that Proton is taking our safety for granted.”

NCCC Advice

Section 19 of the Consumer Protection Act 1999 stipulates about safety standards in respect of any goods that consumers purchase. It is an offence under Consumer Protection Act 1999 if the goods do not comply with the safety standards.  Section 32 of the same Act states about implied guarantee as to acceptable quality which means that the goods supplied must be free from minor defects and safe to use. Section 50 of the same Act also states about consumer rights of redress against manufacturers where the goods fail to comply with Section 32.
Proton as a manufacturer should comply with all these safety standards and in failure must take responsibility on their products.

Deivigarani Krishna
Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional