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Thursday, 21 April 2011 05:50

“I decided to book a Proton Inspira 2.0 on Nov 24th. Few days before that, I made enquiries in several Proton and EON outlet about the car's promotion. I was informed that if I had booked before 15th November, I am entitled to 2 years free service with parts included. However since I have passed that date, I am only entitled to 1 year service with parts if I book before 30th November. I booked with EON SP whereby my salesman said that PROTON's promotion should be the same anywhere. The best to confirm is the Customer Hotline. Therefore I called their service ICARE at 1800888398 to enquire about this promo. The staff there confirmed it and said that it has been reduced to 1 year for 2.0 model while the 1.8 model remains 2 years. Therefore, I proceeded to book on 24th November.

On 25th March 2011, I received the car but there were no vouchers for the parts. When I asked my salesman, he informed that all those information is online at the service centre. Then I called the service centre to confirm but was told the sales outlet should give me a voucher and there is nothing online. When I go back to salesman, he says he has no such vouchers and I should call Proton. I called back the 1800888398 number and the person speaking to me now tells me there is no such promotion.

My complaint is why they (ICARE) lied in November 2010 just to push sales and now deny it. They are asking me to follow up with EON but it is not Eon who did this promotion. Now its time for me to do the first service and I have to use my own money. I have emailed and called ICARE but they never bother to feedback.

It’s easy to just keep quiet as they don't know I still have to service in order for me to use my car.”


It is an offence under Section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act 1999 if a seller offers free gifts or free offers where that leads the consumers to purchase the products but in reality does not intend to supply.