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Friday, 16 April 2010 04:30

This is with regards to naza bestari 206 which i did a booking in the month of Sept 2009. The price at that point of time when i signed the agreement was only rm 46040 with a booking fee of rm 50 which i paid in advance. My loan with maybank was also approved within 2 weeks of application. My dealer by the name of A gave his word that he would deliver the car the soonest possible.

He kept saying that the car would be delivered either in 2 weeks or end of the month each time I called. This prolonged til the end of the year when he said that now the price has increased to rm52K. I did tell him that he should deliver the car for the price which we signed the agreement for but he said that he couldn t help much. To add up to it the colour which i requested wasn t there. But yet i did not cancel my booking or refund the booking fee as I was away for a month.

Early this year, 1st week of Feb my dealer called me and informed that naza has started production for year 2010 and the price now he coated for 50900. He asked me to reapply for a loan which i did and the loan was approved. He assured me that the car with the colour (grey or silver)which i requested could be delivered in two weeks time. After two weeks I have been following up with him and each time he says that he would deliver in 1 week,s time.But he never did infact remained silence. I called up his office and insisted to speak to his manager.

But a lady by the name of T said that the boss is away. I informed her if he doesn t return my call within an hour i will get to the consumer association. After an hour the sales person called up saying that he could deliver the car within 1 week. But it was a broken promise gain. In meantime I did loose the chance of getting this car from another dealer who has ready stock as I believed the sales person from FS would deliver the car. I sms him and even told him this but there wasn t any reply. Again as usual I had to call him and today he said that he could deliver by next week friday(9 march).

I really had a hard time for the hassle i went through for not having a car for 6 mnths to drive around and loosing the chance from getting from another dealer as i believed the words of this sales person, calling and chasing him to check the status and getting my loan reapplied for the second time. And furthermore even if i get my car it is way far more expensive from the agreement i signed.

I feel you should seriously look into this as i feel i have all the prove as attached. I seriously feel that i should get the car for the amount I signed or at least there should be some compensation for all the trouble I had to go through for the last 6 months. Appreciate if you could look into this issue before the car being delivered to me "as what the salesperson mentioned by 9 march"so that i could get my car delivered on the said date and don t have to pay more than what was agreed.In fact i have already spoken to Naza Glenmarie and pj and they claimed that last year the car was sold at lower price but now they are only selling for 48Kand being manufactured for those who did the booking only. If that’s the case i feel that i do stand a chance of getting the car as i have already done the booking 6 months ago.

NCCC Status: Matter has been brought forward to the attention of respondent and enforcement for their immediate action.

Advice: Offering a product/service against earlier promise amount to misrepresentation, we hope companies will give accurate information to their potential customers so that there won’t be wrong information and reliability by consumers. Consumers are also advised to get the quotation in writing so that the document/information can be adduced in future.


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