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Saturday, 27 March 2010 06:03

I’m Surxxx, would kindly like to make a complaint against Proton for delivering me a Proton Exora H-Line with some defects. I bought this car with high ambition which is supposedly be my dream car which is now make my heart totally broken because there is a lot of defect I found. RM 75998 might be a small amount for them, but it’s a big amount for me. The details are as below; 29th Jan 2010: Get the car from Senx xxx xxx. 30th Jan 2010: Around 6.30pm when me start up engine I encounter some difficulties to start the engine. When I open the front bonet & check found there is loose connection on the negative battery terminal. So I tighten the terminal & start again, still diffucult but able to start the engine. During the Engine running I heard there is some abnormal noise came out from & the Engine sound level was not even. 31st Jan 2010: Around 10:30am had report the problem to Salesman & he request me go to Eon Service Center at Kulai, Johor. on the next day. 3rd Feb 2010: Around 10:30am, I had bring My car to Eon Service Center there is no good response for the Service Center which they give first priority to the car which go to service.

When I report the problem to the person incharge, the answer was given is by Mr F, that is not their problem as the first service center not checked properly. When I asked it’s will take how long, the guy told me just wait without inform around what time. This make me totally disappoint & I return car to Salesman to bring to check. Around 4:30pm, the salesman call me & inform that service centre not enough time to check as there is so many defects need to check. He also get me appointment for 5th Feb 2010 at Temxx xxxx 5th Feb 2010: Around 10:20am send the car to Temxx xxxx. I left the car there as they told me will take time & return at 4pm but the technician told me still unable to find the problem. I left again and go to work.

Around 5.50pm the clerk from Temxx xxxx. call me that there is some parts need to replaced on the engine side & will take some time. 6th Feb 2010: Go to Temxx xxxx. to check the problem & collect the car. They told me that Air Intake manifold spoilt & need to replaced. The parts will deliver only after Chinese New Year. I need urgent, they ask me go to Proton Edar Plentong. Call Proton Edar Plentong & get appointment. 8th Feb 2010 10:00am send the car to Proton Edar Plentong & had repoted 7 defect which I found during I use the car.

  1. Abnormal sound when Idling (Tak Tak Tak)
  2. Gear late changing when cruising
  3. Steering alignment not centre
  4. Front Right Window wind noise when speeding around 80km/h
  5. Air cond Flap condition
  6. Engine humming noise when idling
  7. To check all condition & Tuning Left the car as they inform me will take time & also not enough sleep after return from night shift work.

Around 3pm get a call from Proton Edar Plentong. So I & my father went to Proton Edar Plentong to collect the car which was reported to me all the reported problem solved. Around 4.30 I took the car & used the car for work on the particular day. 9th Feb 2010 After return from work I just park the car at porch & not used the whole day & went to work by bus. 10th Feb 2010 Around 9.30am when I started the car the abnormal noise is there which they told me already solved which makes me unsatisfied. So I contact the Proton Edar Plentong again to report the problem & they reject my request & they told me if possible to come after CNY which I was not happy. So I call again the Salesman & inform by him to refer again at Tema Satria Snd Bhd 11th Feb 2010 Before go to Tema Satria Sdn Bhd, I went to see my personal mechanic which I always repair my Father Proton Wira to consult regarding my Proton Exora abnormal noise. After he checked & he told me suspect the noise came out from Fuel Injection area.

I bring the car to Tema Satria Sdn Bhd & discuss with them but they not able to give me any explanation. I took back my car & told the Salesman that I want reject the car, but he told me to discuss with his boss. When I discuss with his boss Mr Imran, he told me to send the car to Eon Service Center at Asiatic Indahpura Car City, 81000 Kulai again which make me really fedup & this show me they kick me up & down like a ball. When I told him that I just consult with my own mechanic, they were not happy & told me why I’m consult with other mechanic than Proton’s . I told them that I just consult, but they told me that other mechanic not experience with this car. After some discussion, they told me send the car to Eon Service Center at Asiatic Indahpura for 1000km service. This time when I reach there Mr F threat very nice as I go for service. I left the car for service & collect back at 3pm.

When I received the engine noise level seems ok & I just return park & not used the car whole day. 12th Feb 2010 The morning when I start the engine I realised that engine noise level still not even. So I decide to bring back to Proton Edar Plentong but they refuse my request & told me to came back after CNY. Fyi, the mileage already reach more than 1000km most because of drive to Service Center & now I park the car until get an conclusion.

I hope NCCC kindly give good verdict as to me I’m totally unhappy with this car which makes me mentally stress & not able to concentrate on my work.

The total I lost because of the car is estimated as below;

  1. Petrol consumption drive to Protons service center:
  2. RM 330 Tol for send & bring back car at Proton Edar Plentong : RM3.70 x 6 = RM22.20
  3. Petrol Another car for send & received from Proton Edar Plentong : RM30
  4. Tol another car for send & received from Proton Edar Plentong : RM3.70 x 4 = RM14.80 1000km
  5. service fees : RM145.00 Not able to work OT : $132.64 x RM2.4 x 3 day = RM 955.00

Total Lost : RM1497

NCCC Status
: Matter has been brought to the Respondents attention and Ministry Of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism for their view and immediate action.

NCCC Advise
: We understand many consumers face similar problems like the above case, we hope to received more complaint from Consumers so that a serious action move can be taken.

We hope there can be some great alternatives which gives importances to consumers rights

  1. A cooling off period similar to other purchase of goods so that consumers have atleast a reasonable time frame to inform the defectiveness of the vehicle purchased in order to get a refund or replacement.
  2. A recall can be done on certain brand/model which receives more complaints just like what has been practiced by developed countries.