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Saturday, 27 March 2010 05:58

It was a nightmare of buying car from Proton.The car (Persona/Plat No) was registered under my brother name:Gan . Below are the scenario: In Oct/Nov 2009:I have registered with Proton(Perisai Wira Saga, the authorized dealer) for the old car exchange program. Sales person Mr R have attended me. He confirmed that i am eligible for the exchange program and the new car can be register for my brother.He have also offered me free gifts such as free tinted car windows,full tank of petrol..etc if we buy from him. So we paid RM100 for deposit and submitted documents as well as paid RM310 for no plat booking. End Of Dec 2009: I failed to contact the sales person Mr R for almost 2-3 weeks and didnot receive any updates from him on the purchase. Early of Jan 2010:

When we walked in the office then only we found out he was missing and few of his customers were cheated.We have immediately asked to see the sales manager to clarify the matter and he was reluctant to help us.We found out the booking fee that we paid was no in the record and was told we were not eligible for the rebate on exchange program as well as the new car cant be register under my brother. 3rd Jan 2010:I lodged a complaint to Proton customer service on this incident. Then only the sales manager help us to follow up the purchase. He then claimed it was a mistake by them where i am eligible for the rebate of RM5000 and the car can be register for my brother. But when upon the delivery of the car, he didnot fulfill what the sales representative have promised us on the free gift. 12 Feb 2010:My brother got his brand new car from the dealer on 12 Feb 2010. 14 Feb 2010:The front brakes of both tires were jammed and overheat while my brother was driving.

He noticed the auto gear was not functioning when he try to shift to higher speed. He stopped the car at road side to check. Then, both tires were on fire the moment he stopped and the passengers in car were managed to escape in time. We have to put out the fire with fire extinguisher with the help from bus driver. Later, the car was towed to workshop in Nilai and a witness ( Bus Driver ) told us that he noticed there was smoke coming out when he was behind us. 17 Feb 2010:I have called the Proton I-care to report this incident and was informed that they need to conduct an investigation. I have asked to change a new car because it is not fair that we was given a faulty car and we noticed there was no stamp on PDI checking in the car service booklet.

Which mean the car may have not send for PDI when deliver to us. Furthermore, after this incident, we unable to tell what is the impacts on the machine or other parts inside that may cause severe damage in the future which may cost us to fix it or may cause fatal accident. 19 Feb 2010: The response from Proton was they will no replace the car but to replace the damage parts and claimed offer us with 2 free services on car maintenance. I am very disappoint with Proton before & after sales services.It took us 4 months to get all the issues resolved and finally we got the car but a faulty one. Then, they came back to us with the unfavorable reply after all the hassle that we have went through.It's really sickening dealing with Proton.

I hope NCCC can help us on our's right and my request are:

  1. To replace us same model new car.
  2. To compensate us on all the inconvenient caused.
  3. Apology from Proton on all the inconvenient caused. I have taken some of the pictures for the incident happened on 14 Feb.

I will furnish NCCC once i have it.


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