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Wednesday, 14 September 2011 22:13

My sister and i had purchased a set of sofa from Elizza Furniture Sdn.Bhd which cost RM 2.8 K dated on 23 November 2008. According to their sales staff and branch manager, this is real leather set with 5 years warranthy and assured us on high quality.However unfortunately 2.5 years as of today (May 11,2011), 2 major quality issues were occured within this short period.

There are unstable sofa frame which gives cracking sound during sitting and big area of sofa surface leather starting to peel off by itself.During past 2 weeks from 15th – 31st May 2011, we went to the shop twice and they had sent their staff to our house to snap a photo of the sofa.
After several reminder calls, they just replied that they will only be responsible to send back the sofa to the factory to repair frame but rejected the surface leather repair or replacement. When we requested for on reason, they denied the warranty on leather and denied their responsibility with plenty of potential excuses such as environment, hot and moisture climate and customuer’s use methode.

With thoroughly insatisfaction, my last visit to the shop on 5th June 2011, after 30 minutes discussion, they proposed 3 options for us as follows:

  1. Repair Frame Only
  2. We Paid for newset leather replacemen
  3. We paid another RM 2 K to buy new set of sofa with warranthy for frame and leather.

All this options are totally unacceptable and irresponsible.

NCCC has already sent letter to Elizza Furniture Sdn Bhd and they replied to us that they will offer the complainant a new set of sofa within the same price range of around RM 2.8 K to be selected by the consumer without any additional cost unless if the delivary locations is above 20km radius from the showroom.

ADVICE: NCCC would like to advice the consumers that before purchasing any goods, consumers hava the rights to get clear and satisfied information form the sellers.This is inline with one of the consumers basic rights for the informations.

Vanitha Vasu