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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 05:46

“I'm using Nokia phone model of 5800. I want to complaint Maxis about they charge me on the data charges amount of RM254.40. I didn't use 3G to connect internet using my phone before, I just select WIFI connected to internet once time only, and my phone don't have option to off the 3G data. I'm understood using Maxis 3G connect to internet is very expensive, because I didn't subscribe Maxis data plan, so I choose to connect internet using WIFI.

They should not charge me without my permission. I already make complain to Maxis services centre many times, and I want talk to their manager or supervisor, but they keep give me an excuse that their manager or supervisor is not available, or they will call me back about my complaint, but in the end they still didn't call me at all.
Hope NCCC can help me on my complaint and can settle my issue, thank you very much.”

Customer service is a vital important for an organization especially when consumers needs them. Often consumers are failed to obtain a solution for their predicaments from the customer service personnel. Many consumers lodge their complaints to NCCC after they annoyed by the services provided by the service providers.