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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 04:13

Dear sir / madam, I and my wife took a wedding photo package offer from bridal house on 25/02/2011 during in wedding fair at Mid Vally Mega Mall. I made a full payment on the spot. About a month later we went to the bridal shop to choose wedding gown and etc. after one or two week we visit the bridal shop again to try out those selected gowns which had been adjusted to our body sizes.

Then we had the photo shooting session on 26/04/2011. A week later we visit again to again to select photos to be printed on the wedding photo album. The bridal shop employee told to us that they will email us to finalize the final work.

On 24/05/2011 we received this email and we confirmed it with a reply. We waited again till end of June 2011, my wife called the bridal shop to ask about the photo album.
On 03/07/2011 we received call from the bridal shop, saying that the photo album is ready, however we have to pay Rm 207 transport fee for the album. After so many visits to the bridal shop no one inform us about the extra charges. We neither take photos at Taiwan, not any outdoor shooting in Malaysia also. We only took indoor photos in that particular bridal shop. The employees are forcing us to pay the extra or we will not get our album which I had already settled in full on 25/02/2011.

Before getting the service, do proper search and get information from websites, compare charges with two or three service providers before making any payment. Confirm the charges are the reasonable. Read the terms and condition before signing the agreement

Jayasilan Kandasamy