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Monday, 13 September 2010 22:23

My name is Ms S and I have a heavy complaint on Touch N Go. I have been using TNG since 2008 and needless to say I have been using the same pass. Since the inception of the Rapid Monthly Pass. I had stopped using my TNG pass and bought the monthly pass instead. However, since July 2010, Rapid KL has introduced the TOUCH and GO Rapid Pass. I am a public transport user as most KL-ians are but in the last week I have gone through extremely bad experience with your terrible service. Allow me to highlight it in point form.


  • On 1st July 2010 I reloaded the Touch N Go I bought in 2008 at KLCC LRT counter¬† ( I reloaded RM 100) for 30day Rapid Pass utility.
  • On 29th July 2010 my TNG was 'blacklisted' although I still had one more day to use it. The guy at the LRT counter told me that he has no idea why it is blacklisted and that I will have to check with main office
  • Today (2nd August 2010) I visited the main office at KL Sentral to enquire on my TNG card and since the LRT person had already advised me that I will be unable to reload my card since it was 'blacklisted' for reasons unbeknownst to me.
  • The lady at the KL Sentral office checked my TNG in the systems and just replied that 'can't do anything, because u haven't used your card since 2008 so its gone dormant, U will have to purchase a new card at RM 10.00'
  • Now but why do I need to do that when I had in fact been using my card for the last one month as a RAPID PASS?!?!?!? Not only that, every time I find trouble at the lrt because the TNC will read as INVALID at the system sensors and I will need to trouble the LRT person to reset my card. I understand that your service is there as a convenient option for passengers to use for public transport but I am sad to say that its becoming more of an inconvenience.

RM 10.00 is nothing in this day at age, and there is no problem buying another card. But just think of all the trouble one has to go through just to be told that to the face and furthermore it does not make sense to have someone tell me my card has gone dormant because i havent used it for 2 years when I have been using it for the whole month of July 2010!

I hope to get satisfactory response to my complaint.

Response from Touch and Go

Dear Ms S,

First of all we regret for the inconvenience faced by you while using your Touch 'n Go card. As a gesture of goodwill, we shall provide you with a new Touch 'n Go card worth RM10 with zero value. You may reload the card and choose to activate RapidPass at RapidKL Service Counters. Please update us whether you wish to collect the card at our KL
Sentral Hub or require us to courier it to you.

We wish to share that Touch 'n Go cards will become inactive or dormant if the card has not had any transaction or usage for a consecutive period of 12 months. A dormant card requires exceptional handling and an administrative fee of RM5 is charged in accordance with the terms and conditions as stated in the cardholders agreement. In the event of a dormant card continuing to remain inactive, a maintenance fee of RM5 will be charged and deducted from the deposit or unutilized card balance once every six months.

Therefore, cardholders are advised to use or reload the card once a year to prevent deactivation. Alternatively, users could also transfer the card to another user and update us on the new user's details. In your case, though your card was deactivated, the card was able to function at the LRT gate was due to a system glitches.

We hope you will continue to enjoy the convenience of using Touch 'n Go card and we look forward to your continuous support.

Thank you.

Deivigarani Krishna
Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional (NCCC)


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