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Friday, 15 April 2011 15:58

Consumer Complaint
“I decided to go shopping to purchase a packet of biscuits for my 11 month old daughter. To my horror I came across some rat running around and chewing on biscuits on the particular shelf. To my dismay the whole biscuit counter was stinking of rat urine and the stench was making me noxious. Luckily I managed to take a snapshot of the mess these pests caused. When I brought this matter up to the staff, I was very surprised that it seemed quite a norm that rats have been a nuisance at hypermarket and nothing can be done!!! Are these people really aware of what rat urine can cause?”

NCCC’s Action
NCCC bring this issue to the management’s attention and the management admits that they are aware of the seriousness of this matter and have taken necessary action pertaining to NCCC’s complaint. They are currently working very closely with a pest control company to get rid of these rodents. The pest control provides weekly service at the premises and the management also will call them on ad hoc basis if services required. To add on, the management also carried out cleaning and washing of the racking and floor on daily basis.

NCCC’s Advise
Rat urine is health hazards to human being and diseases are also can be transmitted from the rat. Consumers should not buy foods from the hypermarkets or supermarkets if they found that the premises are unhygienic. As a responsible consumer they should complaint to the authority regarding this issue. Do not keep silent about this issue it will endanger others life.

According to Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 states that any premises preparing or selling food, where fails to comply with the sanitary and hygienic requirements and such that it is likely to be hazardous to health, commits an offence and liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to fine or to both.