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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 21:57

I have used the Tesco batter for nearly 1 month and realize its malfunction. Therefore, I proceed to one of the Tesco branch in this morning in order to seek for assist and request a replacement.

However, the Manager on duty was telling me that I need to fill up the particular info into the form that given by Tesco then wait for further notice  from Tesco after they have done the clarification/investigation with the respective supplier.
Well, as a consumer, I'm thinking that the process is incorrect whereby Tesco suppose to resolve the issue with the customer 1st then only investigate the issue with the respective Supplier.

Of course, this complaint is not due to the value of the product, but it's purely on consumer rights which the service and the poor quality that I have get.


Consumer has rights under Consumer Protection Act 1999 to get goods with an acceptable quality.

S.32 Implied guarantee as to acceptable quality

Acceptable quality means:-
I) Fit for all purpose;
II) Acceptable in appearance;
III) Free from minor defects;
IV) Safe; and
V) Durable

S.46 Consumer’s option of refund or replacement

Where the consumer exercise the right to reject goods, they may choose to have
I) A refund of any money paid; or
II) Replacement goods of the same type and of similar value to replace the rejected goods