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Thursday, 10 September 2009 14:29

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CAR DEALS: Scheme thwarted by greed

By : B.S., Kuala Lumpur

OWNERS of cars aged 10 years and over are getting a raw deal from some unscrupulous Proton and Perodua car dealers.

When bookings are made for these locally-made cars with deposits of RM500 to RM1,000, no charges are made known except Puspakom's fee for inspection of the old car.

Nearer the time of the swap (old car for new), the dealers are demanding an upfront lump sum of RM600 for the following:

- Inspection of the old vehicle;

- Preparation and filling-in of forms and the collection of registration card of the old car;
- Arranging Puspakom's inspection of the old car; and,

- Towing the old car to the Road Transport Department -- even though the car is in roadworthy condition with a valid road tax -- for deregistration.

Such charges are an abuse of the scheme to help owners of old cars with a RM5,000 rebate. The greed of the dealers thwarts the government's efforts to help the rakyat and the national car industry in the present economic climate.

I urge the government to stop this exploitation by car dealers of the low-income group, who are targeted to benefit most from this move. After all, Puspakom's fee is only RM30.