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Monday, 14 September 2009 16:31

 Should Lemon Law Be Applied in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the concept of Lemon Law is not applicable since it is mainly applicable in the United States. Nevertheless, its basic underlining concept effectively protects consumer rights and such principles must be promoted in Malaysia.

It is important to keep accurate records for warranty repairs performed on your vehicle. Most states afford you the right to receive a legible and itemized repair order or statement. Here are some tips for what should be included each time you take your vehicle in to a dealership for diagnosis or repair of a warranted defect:

The repair order should include an accurate statement of the problems you are experiencing with the vehicle. Be as accurate as you can when talking to the service personnel or mechanic about the problem you are having and check to make sure your description matches that in the repair order.

•If necessary, you should request that a service representative accompany you on a test drive to better demonstrate the problem you are experiencing.

•The repair order should include what work was done to diagnose or fix the problem, a description of any test-drive performed. If no problem was found, that information should be included in the repair order.

•The repair order should have the date your vehicle was brought in for repair, the date the repair work was completed, and the in-and-out odometer mileage readings.

•If requested, the service department should provide you with a copy of any computer reading or report involving the diagnosis or repair of your vehicle, if such information is not included in the repair order.

•Upon request to the manufacturer, you are entitled to receive copies of any technical service bulletins sent to the service department regarding the diagnosis or repair of problems particular to your type of vehicle.

•Before you sign the repair order read it over carefully. Make sure it accurately describes the problem you described, what repair or diagnosis was made to fix the problem and that the odometer readings and date(s) your vehicle was in for repair are correct. If clarifications or corrections are needed, ask that they be included before signing the repair order.

 source : International Association of Lemon Laws Administrators (IALLA)