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Consumer's Complaint: Flight Cancellation (Travel & Leisure) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 February 2021 10:10

---------- From the Desk of CEO ----------

Type of complaint: Flight Cancellation (Travel & Leisure)

Consumer Protection Act 1999 (599)


NCCC has received a complaint from a consumer on flight cancellation at the very last minute with no proper redress mechanism and company XX removed the terms and conditions. Moreover, company XX did not approve any refund and felt frustrated which is consumers need to fork out extra money to book another ticket.

> Complaints on flight cancellation are often associated with the airline industries cancelling at the very last minute with no proper redress mechanism. This leaves passengers in great dissapoiment especially those who are going for business trip and consumers who had made prior arrangements for their trip.


1) NCCC has approached the company for a dispute resolution between the consumer and company.

2) NCCC also has forwarded the complaint to the enforcement authority to investigate the issues.


What CONSUMERS can do?

i) Consumers must KEEP all the receipt, relevant documents and also the email conversation as a PROOF.

ii) Consumers also need to make a REPORT to the airport or aviation service provider.

iii) Besides, consumers can also report to the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) if the company XX has not resolved the complaint after 30days.

The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) plays a role in consumer protection in relation to flight services. If the airline, airport or aviation service provider has not resolved your complaint after 30 days from your initial complaint, you may submit a complaint to MAVCOM: http://www.mavcom.my/en/consumer/make-a-complaint/r