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Below please find the content of my complaint through Air Asia website at about 4.18am, 21st Dec 2009. I tried to send an email complaint but the email address ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) provided to me by the Air Asia staff did not seem to work well, the email bounced back to me after several tries. Prior to make this email complaint, I called in and followed up on 17th & 18th Dec 2009.

Complaints - Bad Experienced With Airasia... PDF Print E-mail

Hi, my name is TAN and I am contactable at XXXXXXXXXX I am back to Malaysia.  I read some of the complaints at so I hope I can get help here as well.

I want to share my bad experience with AirAsia recently. On 19Nov2009, I have booked for the flights AlorSetar (AOR)-Kuala Lumpur (KUL) 1720-1810 then KUL-Singapore (SIN) 1950-2045 for 16Feb2010 for my husband who is a Singaporean.

Complaints - Is it Reasonable ??? PDF Print E-mail

I am writing to request for assistance in regards to Airasia company's decision for the cancellation of their route to Abu Dhabi. The Booking Reservation in question is 'QKTEEN' leaving Kuala Lumpur 7 Feb with a return flight on 27 Feb. I was contacted on Thursday, 28 Jan about AirAsia's route cancellation to Abu Dhabi starting on 22 Feb.

have been contacted by a customer representative that I will need to change both my departure and return dates to 8 Feb and 21 Feb, respectively. I find that it is unreasonable to be notified of these changes with only a week before my plans -- it does not leave me with enough time to change plans that have been made for three months. I have been in contact with xxxx xxxx in a few email exchanges but have been unable to reach a reasonable and satisfying solution.

Complaints - Disappointments Against Berjaya Air PDF Print E-mail

I had came across your email from NCCC website. I am a Malaysian residing in UK and currently on a honeymoon trip with my husband in Malaysia. I had been extremely unhappy with the level of customer service provided by Berjaya Air. The incident had greatly affected both my husband and myself on this honeymoon trip. I have also included below, the correspondence I had with Berjaya Air in order to resolve this but they had been standing strong that the claims was not valid.

Complaints - Severe mistreat AirAsia ground staff PDF Print E-mail

I took Air Asia flight AK5846 from Johor Bahru to Kuching on 14 February 2010. When I was in the departure gate, at about 30 minutes before departure gate, one Air Asia ground staff announced that "Air Asia will strictly implement the one baggage per passenger policy from year 2010, and the baggage cannot exceed 7kg. Any passenger violates this policy will be denied boarding".

Updated Complaints - FRUSTRATIONS AGAINST AIRASIA PDF Print E-mail

REF: COMPLAINT AGAINST AIR ASIA SEEKING COMPENSATION FOR THE MISSED FLIGHT AK237 BOUND FOR THIRUCHIRAPALLI I had booked seven (7) tickets for my family to travel to trichy on 15/12/09. I booked the tickets months ahead to avoid unnecessary travel inconvenience during our journey. It was a school holiday season as such my children were so happy and very excited. In fact we were flying to attend a family reunion and a wedding on 19/12/09.


Saya adalah mangsa kepada sistem online booking MAS. Pada 30mac2010, saya telah membeli tiket secara online iaitu (kch-miri-kch) berharga RM275. Amaun tersebut telah dibayar melalui Walabagaimanapun, Saya tidak mendapat tiket ref. number kerana semasa booking internet mengalami masalah teknikal.

Kemudian saya menghubungi KL MAS center (1300883000) pada hari yang sama dan pegawai tersebut telah mengesahkan tiket pembelian saya. Dia memberitahu bahawa mereka akan menghantar confirmation email ke email saya keesokkan harinya.

Complaints - Terkilan dengan produk Proton yang baru di perolehi dalam 6 hari tetapi sudah bermasalah PDF Print E-mail

Saya merupakan seorang pelanggan yang baru membeli sebuah kereta Proton Persona SE keluaran 2010 di Ipoh, Perak. Pada 26/1/2010, saya telah menerima kereta tersebut namun pada 1/2/2010 kereta tersebut telah mengalami masalah 'overheating'. setelah mendapati kereta tersebut menghadapi sedikit masalah, saya telah menghantar kepada pihak branch yang telah mengeluarkan kereta saya dan mereka telah membaikinya.

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