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In the year 2016, National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) received complaints from 48,563 consumers that suffered losses of RM 255,623,706.00. The total complaints have increased by 8.6% compared to the previous year.

This report extensively covers all types of complaints received across 22 different sectors resulting from consumer’s purchase of goods and/or services.

NCCC's Annual Report states that e-commerce sector received the highest number of complaints for 2016, followed closely by General Consumer Products and Telecommunication Sector. In terms of monetary value, complaints related to the Automobile and Auto-workshops sector topped the charts, with losses at staggering RM 79,181,869.


Many Malaysians shop online to purchase range of products around the globe such as fashion items, entertainment services, electronic products, skincare and personal product, and many more especially with the introduction of high speed internet for everyone.

It is currently one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge. E-commerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance.

Unfortunately e-commerce tops the sector with the most complaints received by the National Consumer Complaints Centre for 2016 as well as for the three previous consecutive years. The problems that are faced by e-consumers are not getting the products ordered. Goods that have been ordered and paid for often fail to reach the consumer.

The biggest problem while buying things online is that you have no guarantee of a product’s quality. Reviews are not always reliable and all the research can’t assure you of a product’s quality; fraudulent sellers who intentionally mislead customers to increase sales are the prime reason for faulty/sub-par products being sold online. There are more issues faced by e-consumers are highlighted in this report. This report will also focuses on the laws that are available, recommendation for improvement as well as guide for consumers on shopping online.


The automobile Industry maintains as the highest monetary value in dispute recorded by NCCC since 2011,; In 2016 the value was RM79,181,869.00. Due to many affordable cars offered by the automobile industries, this had led to more Malaysians owning cars on the road. To reduce costs to ensure affordability, the quality of cars might have been compromised which has led to the rise in the monetary value of complaints.

It is rather disappointing that most complaints received by the NCCC were made in relation to local car manufacturers. However, imported model are not far back. The complaint pattern indicates that service centres in Malaysia are not sensitive towards consumer satisfaction as complaints were most of the time ignored or left unsettled in a way judicious to the consumers.

This is upsetting to learn that with the current existing laws that are available, problems are still occurring with almost no solution and most complainants still come back with the same problem. This will cause one to lose faith and trust with authorities and with the manufacturers for not being able to rectify the mistake or remedy the situation.

With no specific regulating body to observe and take action on the automobile industry, we urge carmakers to conduct a more in-depth study on the usability and sustainability of car accessories, spare parts, be it for new or second hand cars. Additionally, the NCCC opines that merely setting a customer service unit for after sales care is an effort futile should no redress be provided amid a dispute. Profiting with no adequate after-market service and safety standards for locally made car should end immediately

With the release of the NCCC 2016 Annual Report, it is the NCCC’s hope that all manufacturers and the regulators take note of the recommendations and suggestions in order to improve their services and customer relation skills to gain trust and confidence from consumers.

The NCCC Annual Report 2016

The 2016 NCCC Annual Report represents the eleventh year of analysis and review of all consumer complaints received by NCCC classified under 22 separate categories.

A total of 48,563 COMPLAINTS were received in 2016 whereby the NCCC witnessed an increase in the number of complaints when compared to last year’s total. This increase could be due to complaints lodged not being resolved to their satisfactory level before addressing their issue with the NCCC.

The highest complaints focused on the E-commerce (Online Shopping) sector with the NCCC recording a total of 7,371 complaints.

The second highest complaint for 2014 is the General Consumer Products with the NCCC recording a total of 6,578 complaints which has slightly increased compared to last year.

Coming in at third with 5,681 complaints, consumers are dissatisfied with the Telecommunication and broadband services.

The NCCC received a total of 3,874 complaints against the Automobile and Auto-Workshops industry. Although coming in at fourth place in the number of complaints received, with monetary value of staggering RM79,181,869.00, the automobile industry topped the total of value attached to complaints received under a specific sector. Complainants lamented that the industry were merely interested in profiteering and made empty promises until the point of sale.

The Travel and Leisure industry remains at fifth place as 2016, recording 3,458 of complaints in 2016 with the NCCC. Most of the complaints indicate that service rendered to them at the point of travel or stays were unusually different with what was initially agreed upon. Criminals create fake travel agencies, get people to sign up and the close down the business.

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