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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 15:52

I was called by True Spa to come and receive a free massage. They wouldn't disclose how they got my number. But I went along anyway, and the massage was good. So when I was asked by a consultant , Wendy, to sign up for a package, I did. It was for RM 1500 which comes with a free RM500 worth of treatments.

Ever since then, it has been terribly difficult to get an appointment. I was not told that there is a 2 weeks waiting list for appointments, otherwise I would never have joined. I have tried to call several times, to the same thing - 2 weeks in advance. So, I adhere by the rules. The latest phone call which was yesterday, Sunday 27th September 2009, I called to get an appointment in exactly 2 weeks. I wanted Swedish massage for 2 persons. First, when I called, the rude receptionist said "Oh my God you want to book for 2 people?" Is this the kind of greeting a customer should get? Never mind. Then she tells me, it is fully booked in 2 weeks also!
Then I said, OK, how about anytime before 2 weeks, and she said No, totally fully booked as well. And I asked, what about in 3 weeks then ? She said, they don't take appointments for anything above 2 weeks. So what is my solution ? They will call me back. I waited 24 hours, no call. I went there today for my pedicure appointment, and asked how come no one called me, they said they 'squeezed' me in for 1 slot, but I need to email to ask if I can get the slot of the 2nd person. Why do I need to call again and again, and now EMAIL them too ? Who is the customer here?

Why is it so difficult to get an appointment? How come no other place that I have visited, no matter how busy they are, has this same kind of problem. 2 weeks waiting list is ridiculous for such a mega spa with so many massage rooms and facilities. Not only that, you can only make an appointment EXACTLY 2 weeks before the massage - not one day more, not one day less.

The suspicious thing is, when I went just now, I was about the only customer besides one other lady. I asked the therapist who was doing my pedicure why they claim to be fully booked always when there is no one. She disclosed that they keep the appointments 'booked' for walk in guests or for those who are coming for their free trial. They then get them to sign up for packages, and then make it very difficult to get an appointment. This in my opinion, is disgusting and an insult to consumers and our intellect. Does True Spa really think that us customers are so ...... to think they are really fully booked? Or in cases like myself, when I am there in person, and can see with my eyes that there are no customers around ? Or that the therapists won't talk?

Please look into this case. As I am writing this, they are calling up other unsuspecting people asking them to come for a free trial. It is daylight robbery.

I hope some light can be shed on this and that justice will be taken.

NCCC's Advise :

  1. If you are facing similar situations send your complaint to NCCC
  2. Don't worry, we understand being a customer we may face such difficulties at times and we regret that this kind of services is tendered to you.
  3. In this event we will write them a letter on consumer behalf to highlight the grievances suffered by their customer.

Ms.Matheevani Marathandan
Legal Executive/ Complaint Handling Manager
Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional
National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC)
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